The Best Spiritual Growth Resources for Women

For a long time, I was in a rut spiritually. I was going to church, reading my Bible, and praying, but it all felt robotic and lifeless. Thankfully, I’ve had wonderful friends and spiritual mentors that have guided me towards some wonderful resources that have helped me tremendously. In sharing these resources with you, I pray that you are challenged to take your spiritual growth seriously and utilize at least one of these tools from this post.

Online or Audio Bible

Some seasons of life are busier than others, and your spiritual growth journey is going to look different throughout your life. Right now, I’m enjoying using an online Bible for my daily Bible reading during this time of life. Especially when I am on the go or crunched for time, I still have an online or audio version of my Bible so that no matter where I am, I can listen and meditate on His Word. Don’t stick yourself into one routine. Read from your Bible, listen to an audio version, or use an online Bible. The methods can change to fit your needs for this time in your life.

The Daily Grace Co Bible Studies & Resources

The Daily Grace Company is the best place to find Bible studies, journals, prayer cards, and so much more. Even just reading the blog posts on their website is uplifting. If you’re new to Bible study or aren’t that familiar with The Daily Grace Co.’s products, I’d start with the Amen: From Eden to Eternity study. Another resource I use from this company is their mobile app. I’ve been going through their Bible reading plan for 2020, and the app enables me to complete my Bible reading when I’m on the go. I highly recommend this resource; I wish I’d known about it sooner!

The Daily Grace Podcast

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This podcast is truly one of a kind! Not only is it full of encouragement and practical truths from God’s Word, but it also challenges and convicts me of things I need to work on more in my spiritual journey. Also, I love that it’s not only for wives and mothers. Their priority is the Christian life, instead of the “mom life” or “wife life”, which is so refreshing! Being a single woman in this season of my life, I really appreciate this approach.


I truly believe that one of the most valuable but least utilized resource for Christian women is prayer. As I grew spiritually in college, I was amazed at how sweet my time with God was when I had been praying faithfully. I was able to attend multiple prayer vigils, where a group would gather and pray for one hour straight. That may seem like a long time to you, and when I first went, I couldn’t image how I was going to pray for an entire hour! But honestly, those hours spent in prayer were the most fruitful times. I try to set aside a one hour block of time a month to just pray, like a mini prayer vigil. Eventually, I’d like to work my way to praying for an hour straight once a week.

Journaling/ Scripture Writing

For those of you who love to practice hand lettering and keep journals, why not apply that to your spiritual life? Hand lettering passages of Scripture is a beautiful way to meditate on the words, praying as you write. I keep a prayer/gratitude journal, and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me stay accountable to myself and to God. Because I’m a writer and can better understand my own thoughts if I write them down, journaling has become a part of my regular devotions each week.

I hope this post helps you find a better path for spiritual growth. If you have any other resources you’d like to recommend, please mention them in the comments!

“You have two options: Step forward into growth or
step back into safety.”

My Top 3 Personal Development Podcasts

I have really gotten into podcasts this year, so I made sure to include my new-found love for podcasts into my #20for2020. I regularly listen to about 4 or 5 podcasts every week, and I truly love every minute! I realized fairly quickly that most of the podcasts I listen to are personal development related, so I thought I’d share my top 3 picks. I think it’s really important to be constantly improving and pushing yourself to be better, and these wonderful podcasts provide so much insight and practical lessons!

Side noteπŸ‘‰ I’ve included social links for each of these podcasts, so you can check out more about the hosts and stay up to date with all of the podcast news.

She by J.L. Dooley

This girl is so encouraging! She is so down to earth and gives the most practical advice! I also appreciate her Christian values and how she talks through every subject objectively and lovingly. This podcast definitely motivates me to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be. From the very first episode, her genuine character shines through!

The Minimalists

Calling yourself a minimalist and being a minimalist are two very different things. The two hosts are genuine minimalists, not trying to sell the trendy style kind of minimalism, but explaining a brand new perspective on how we treat our possessions. This podcast puts the mentality of minimalism to action. I really appreciate how this duo plainly presents ways to become better at letting go and getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Also, I really appreciate that this podcasts has no ads whatsoever. Let me be super honest for a moment: I HATE ads.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Thanks to a good friend’s recommendation, I’ve read most of Gretchen Rubin’s books. I really enjoyed them and how practical they were. When I heard she also hosted a podcast, I immediately started listening faithfully every week. If you’re looking for a motivating and interesting podcasts on a wide variety of topics, then I suggest you start with Happier.

What podcasts do you find motivating and inspiring? I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to, so any recommendations are most definitely welcome!

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”